Kingdom of The Wind


Genre : Strategy

Developer : Artlogic Games

Publisher : IceStone Ltd

Rating : Apple 9+ | ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download/Play : Android | IOSFlash (Kongregate)

Release Date : 12 Nov 2008 (Flash) | 12 Feb 2020 (Mobile)

About : 
Fight the most annoying enemy troops to defend what is yours by right! Build an unbelievably strong army of the sky warriors to save your castle from falling to ashes!

Explore the skies and join the windiest battlefields in a classic tower defence game! Join an extreme war defending your own castle in the clouds. Try different steampunk units and futuristic abilities. There is a whole army of flying mechs and minions under your control.

Become a legendary wind war commander and defend your tower as long as you can before ally troops arrive. Demolish your enemies and save your cloud city from the dozens of enemy attack waves.

  • One of the greatest TD games of all time
  • Unique abilities and strong ultimates
  • Beautiful fantasy setting
  • A full version of the game for free

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