Epic War 2 : The Sons of Destiny


Genre : Strategy

Developer : Artlogic Games

Publisher : IceStone Ltd

Download/Play : IOS (Removed)Flash (Kongregate)

Release Date : 22 Dec 2008 (Flash) | 15 Jan 2020 (IOS)

About : 
Epic War 2 allows you to join the greatest fights of good and evil in a wonderful story and a comfortable setting. Prove your strategy skills & show who is the real king!
Command and conquer with a classic tower defence game. Build your army from scratch to legion and fight enemy hordes!

Get ready to combat billions of enemies until the evil is defeated! This classic fantasy RPG offers you lots of different units - elves, warriors, mages, archers and even angels to fight against all the mad forces of the dark side!

To defeat the hordes of enemies you will have to use all your concentration. You will require your shooting game skills as well. While your troops are fighting on the battlefield, slay the approaching enemies from the walls of your citadels! Upgrade the weapon atop of your tower from the crossbow to the catapult. Give'em fire! Develop your strategy, as everything costs mana, that regenerates while the battle goes on.

  • Famous war game on your phone
  • Lots of unique magical spells in your hands
  • Train your army of perfect warriors of light in fantasy setting
  • Wonderful story for those who enjoy classic fantasy books
  • Epic clash of heroes online and offline

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