Up in Flames


Genre : Puzzle

Developer : Agate

Publisher : Chillingo

Rating : Apple 9+ | IARC 12+

Download : IOS (Removed) | Windows Phone

Release Date : 28 Feb 2013 (IOS) | 21 Mar 2014 (Windows Phone)

About : 
The Hero is here!! Now it is time for Baff the Cute Green Dragon to unleash fiery blaze, burn his enemy's fortresses and rescue his imprisoned folks!

Save The hero’s friends and family, release them from the cage, destroy the obstacle, set up the bombs, rolling the boulder, ricochet the fireball using springs, and burn the nasty foes!

Use Baff’s fire-breathing powers to scorch his enemies. Free your friends and use their super powers in addition to your fire-breath to help you finish each level down to the ground.

With over 75 levels, from mountainous regions, to shark-infested beaches, to chilly tundra, players will have to think strategically to earn each level’s three-star rating. See if you can free all the dragons and char all your foes in just one shot.

When a super hero cape is not enough, unlock new costumes hidden in some certain level for Baff to wear. Turn this fire-breathing star into a cowboy, artisan, rockstar, and more!

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