Own Rangers


Genre : Action

Developer : Own Games

Rating : PEGI 12+

Download : Windows Phone

Release Date : 15 Jul 2014

About : 
OWN World is the place where cute, cheerful, and vibrant creatures called Cantatiotura live! But one day, the Boredom comes and invades the Cantatiotura. No more playful times, no more activity... Just empty silence and plain boredom fills every corner of OWN World.

Now, here comes, OWN RANGER! The elite special force that will save the OWN World from Boredom. We punch, we kick, we slam, and we smile from the bottom of our heart to kill the Boredom! Come and join Own Ranger to bring back the lively atmosphere of OWN World!

Features :
  • 5 characters with various weapons and unique skills
  • Rangers mode! Transform into Own Ranger and kick the boredom harder!
  • Cool Gigantic Animal Robot that matches your super character!
  • Powerful laser gun! Equip your character with the best laser gun out there!
  • More than 20 enemy types and 5 bosses to beat
  • 3 Gameplay Modes: Arcade, Time Trial, and Boss Challenge
  • Unlimited Free Gifts: Daily and via Ranger High-five!
  • Unlock stickers and take photos with the rangers through your Ranger Camera!

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