Eyes On Dragon


Genre Arcade

Developer : Own Games

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+ | PEGI 7+

Download : Android | IOS (Removed) | Nokia (Removed) | Windows Phone

Release Date : 22 Nov 2013 (Windows Phone) | 12 Dec 2014 (Android)

About : 
Tako the dragon guardian needs your help!
The dragon has escaped and burn everything on his way!
Let's help Tako catch the dragon and keep eyes on the dragon!

Features :
  • Chase the dragon, avoid the trees and the angry buffalo!
  • Jump using the pogo to collect coins and power up!
  • Change into Super Tako or ride the buffalo to help you chase the dragon!
  • Travel through Candy World and Runis Cantatiotura!
  • Used Shield and Winged Shoes to do double jump!
  • Costumes
  • New Staff

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