Battle Ranch: Pigs vs Plants


Genre : Casual, Shooter, Strategy

Developer : Playboom

Publisher : Senpai Studio

Rating : IARC 7+

Download : Steam (Rp 18.999)

Release Date : 3 Feb 2015

About : 
Defend your ranch from a horde of evil boars hellbent on stealing your livestock and eating your family. All that stands between you and the horrific vision of ravenous beasts devouring your loved ones is your many acres of loyal mutant plants. With each boar these bloodthirsty botanical abominations dispatch, you'll earn money to buy more seeds. Leave your misgivings about GMO crops by the roadside, as you can't afford not to buy the most scientifically twisted weaponized legumes that the Monsanta corporation has to offer.

Features :
  • Combines ranch management and defensive strategy.
  • 10 exciting and challenging game modes.
  • Addictive and challenging games.
  • More than 216 levels.
  • Make use of the shop and trophy Room

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