Daruma-san is Coming!


Genre : Arcade

Developer : Hi-Clay Studio

Download : Android (Removed) | Tizen (Removed)

Release Date : Aug 2015

About : 
Minions of frightening doll "Daruma doll" suddenly fall from the sky to earth and bring destruction everywhere. Don't run while he is watching or you won't live to tell tales of this. This game is based on a popular manga kamisama no iutoori ni (as the god's will) movie by fujimura akeji.

Daruma-san is coming! is a free scary game "for adult", and a wondrous mobile game with top-tier graphics and scary environment.

Suddenly out of nowhere "daruma dolls" come falling from the sky, and shortly after that they wipeout many people around you and blast their bodies. The day has become a mad day. Nobody knows if they're other planet's dweller, devil, demon or what. Accident after accident happens a lot with cars and other vehicles after that, and the peaceful city has become a super dangerous battlefront with the daruma. You can hear "scream" form everywhere in the town. The police are powerless against them, because guns have no effect against them. Memories of paradise life are now fading and turning into painted red blood world.

In this invasion, everyone near the "daruma doll" are imprisoned, and have to play by their crazy game rules to break the prison. Now you have no where to run from this combat and the only way to break the prison, is that you must face that devil and kill it by touching its back, but it won't be that easy cause if daruma see you moving then it will kill you and blast your body. Don't let it rule you like a king, show it you're stronger by crushing it and blossom as the first.

Features :
  • A short scary comic showing how "Daruma-san is Coming!" invades earth
  • 6 cool characters to choose
  • Anime style arts (if you are an otaku, you're going to love this free game)
  • Full voiced (every time daruma wipeout someone it will laugh)
  • New scary backgrounds
  • Wondrous stage system where you can play endless with increasing difficulty

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