Armor Academy Shape It Up!


Genre : Puzzle

Developer : Koalisi Kemakmuran (Amagine Interactive, Mojiken StudioToge Productions )

Publisher : Armor Games

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download :  Android (Removed)

Release Date : 2 Sep 2015

About : 
Train your brain everyday with exciting yet challenging shape puzzles!
With tons of levels to beat and numerous achievements to unlock.
Beat your own high score and be the best among your friends!

Armor Academy Shape It Up! Is a game that will train your brain and dexterity to its fullest.
You have to identify and choose the right shape to complete the puzzles within the time limit.
Solve the puzzle as quickly as you can gain extra time and beat your high score.

But, be careful not to pick the wrong shape as it will give you a penalty and shorten your time.
Shape It Up! Offers a colorful and Zen like experience, everyone can easily pick up and have a great time anytime, anywhere!

Arranging shape never felt this good with Armor Academy Shape it Up!

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