Balap Karungs


Genre : Casual

Developer : Hi-Clay Studio

Download : Android (Removed)

Release Date : Sep 2015

About : 
Balap Karungs (Balap Karung) is a casual game for celebrating Indonesia’s independence day.

Balap karung or “Sack Race” in english, is a traditional game in Indonesia that is played when Indonesians are celebrating Independence day.

Asleep when in a race is a very bad thing ..

Help the player to enliven the sack race by reaching the farthest distance of the game…
but be careful.. a lot of stones and other players are ahead

Features :
  • Dragon pet, Garuda pet, Butterfly Pet, Clay Pet
  • Super fun adventure while racing
  • Glasses, bandana, bamboo, and other interesting customize Leaderboards connected with facebook
  • Scrabble through the race field to look for coins

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