Mission Unpossible


Genre Simulation

Developer : Apique Studio, Simpleton

Download : Android (Removed) | Windows Phone (Removed)

Release Date : 22 Dec 2015

About : 
Have you ever wondered how It feels to create your own spy agency? Good news, Now you can.

The Mission Unpossible is a game that combines a simulation game, a text-based action one and a bit of humor. Hire an agent, choose a mission, and raise your unheard spy agency to the world notorious. And the best part of it: you can do all of them without actually getting killed (only your agent could.)

In this game, you play as Aeron, a genius teenage boy who feels bored with his school. One day, his parents gone missing. The only way to find them is (obviously) by creating a spy agency and track them down with the agents' help.

Features :
  • Hire agents
  • Level up your agents
  • Choose a mission
  • Equip your agents with the best weaponry (including a special slingshot and kitchen knife)
  • Gain the favor of the world factions

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