Monster Age


Genre : RPG

Developer : Artlogic Games

Publisher : AppForgeBrainvault

Rating : Apple 9+ | ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android | IOS

Release Date : 13 Jul 2016 (Android) | 29 Dec 2016 (IOS)

About : 
Welcome to Monster Age, the best Monster RPG game on GooglePlay! 

Collect hundreds of cute and AWESOME monsters as you step inside a world full of adventure, battles, quests, dark quests and PVP!

Are you ready to battle?

Giant Battles
  • Play giant battles!
  • Combine elements to destroy your opponents!
Collect Monsters
  • Collect and catch over 200+ monsters through adventures, PvP, Raids and Dark Quests!
  • Collect all 6 elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light!
Evolve your Monsters
  • Evolve and boost your monsters!
  • Teach and train your monsters to create stronger monsters!
  • Fuse together monsters to create and unlock a better one!
  • Over 80+ accessories to enchant your monsters with!
  • Revive your monsters and unleash their optimum performance!
  • Adventure Mode (Normal & Hard): Gain various loot items and monsters!
  • PvP Mode: Compete with others to earn rewards!
  • Special Quest: Earn giant rewards each day!
  • Dark Quest: Challenge yourself in this marathon tournament!
  • Guild Raid: Cooperate with your guild to earn rare loot items!
Join a Guild
  • Join a Guild and become the best guild master!
  • Compete with other guilds !
  • Raise Deity with your guild mates and use it to help you on Special Events!

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