Sword and Spoon


Genre : Strategy

Developer : Goody Gameworks

Download/Play : Flash (Kongregate)

Release Date : 21 Feb 2017

About : 
Raise your Sword! Defend the castle from the incoming Orc, Forest dweller, or anything!

Manage the castle from top to bottom, Produce massive amount of food to feed your brave soldier in battle!
Command the swiftly militia, blood-thirsty barbarian, or blessed Arc leader!

Survive the three invading races by defeating them till the last wave, pay attention for their strength and weaknesses. Journey the fresh morning, mysterious dusk, and scary nighttime!

Don’t forget to upgrade the skill of your soldier, make your firecracker unit throw a firebomb! Imbue your wizard with Freezing Touch spell! Enchant your archer arrow with fire!

Each invading race will drop precious scroll belong to them, Entangle all the enemy, rain of potato, or summon dread sword!

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