Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm -


Genre : Casual, Visual Novel

Developer : Mojiken Studio

Publisher : Toge Productions

Rating : ESRB-E

Download : Steam

Release Date : 3 Mar 2017

About : 
Banyu Lintar Angin is a series of experimental illustrations about three siblings, living together independently in a rural Indonesian environment. Follow the down-to-earth daily life of these siblings, accompanied by music that perfectly captures their activities.

This experiment was part of #MojikenCamp2, an internal upgrade program by Mojiken Studio to experiment with how to tell stories or to communicate an experience using a constrained work of interactive art.

Features :
  • A sneak peek at the ordinary life of kids from the other side of the world
  • Hand drawn illustrations
  • A simple short experiment for you to experience

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