GoBlock's Impossible Medley


Genre : Casual

Developer : Gambreng Games 

PublisherGamechanger Studio

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download :  AndroidSteam (Rp 9.299)

Release Date : 15 Apr 2017

About : 
GoBlock's Impossible Medley is the most impossible and frustrating yet addictive game that you ever play. The game combines three challenging gameplay in one endless game. You will jump, fly and roll in a loop throughout the game. Every time player is playing the game, they will be given an objective to achieve.

If you are wondering what is GoBlock? Well we believe that every art, however simple and abstract it is, can be enjoyed and identified by the fans. GoBlock is a character that is created from an abstraction and block parody of characters that you may know. We never directly associate ourselves with the source of inspiration in any way and we hope that all the player can identify the true inspiration from GoBlock's character that we have made.

Features :
  • Formidable endless gameplay
  • Many challenges to finish
  • 26 Unique and Familiar GoBlock to collect
  • 4 players multiplayer mode

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