Evolusi Hantu


Genre : Simulation

Developer : Keong Games

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 19 Jun 2017

About : 
If you are a fan of horror stories, ghost stories, horror stories, mystical stories, this ghostly game will make you shudder! Or maybe shudder funny? Oh .. what is that! That must be a ghost game is fun for you to play.

There are 24 original GHOST OF INDONESIA, 6 GHOSTS JAPAN, 6 GHOST OF EGYPT, 6 GHOST WESTERN and 6 GHOSTS OF EUROPE. Which spread from all over the country from sabang to merauke. All the local ghosts gather here. There anything?? There are tuyul ghosts, kutilanak, ngesot sisters, jailangkung, grandfather hoe, buto ijo, sweet bridge ancol, palasik and many others. Be the best ghost skipper in Indonesia by collecting everything.

If you emang ghost lovers, call all his ghosts! AYo play your jailangkung! Collect all the ghosts in one room. And guaranteed exciting nakalan!

Features :
  • Dictionary 24 HANTU original INDONESIA
  • Addition of 6 Japanese Ghosts and their location
  • Addition of 6 Egyptian Ghosts and their location
  • Addition of 6 Western Ghosts
  • Addition of 6 European Ghosts
  • Collect fire as a substitute for coins
  • Can buy ghosts whenever have a fire.
  • Can buy fire if you are lazy to collect it.

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