Rolling Hams


Genre Adventure, Casual, Puzzle

Developer : Noxtage

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Release Date : 13 Jul 2017

About : 
In Rolling Hams you will manipulate a round room full of traps and maneuvering a hamster through it.

Rolling Hams is a challenging casual puzzle adventure game about a rolling hamster collecting the lost snacks. Your goal is to help the hamster grab the snack and roll to many different worlds.

Features :
  • 30+ Rooms to Play
  • Select Level Menu
  • Save Game Progress
  • Game Pause Menu
  • Beautiful Artworks
  • New Worlds: Round Fields, Boulder Forest, Dry Desert, and Giant Castle
  • New Character. Meet Browny, he loves eating snack any day at any place, no wonder he get fat. But he enjoy to rolling over to keep his shape round, while eating. Cuteness! 

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