Manevall : Fort Defender


Genre : Casual

Rating : Apple 9+ | ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android | IOS

Release Date : 28 Nov 2017

About : 
Far far away, stands a prosperous kingdom led by a very wise king. His people live in peace and prosperity. One day, a troop of mice came. They want to try to invade and seize the royal treasures. Why do they march? Where are they from? No one knows. Knowing the threat is coming, the king gathered the heroes from all over the kingdom to protect the royal treasures from the evil mice.

MANEVALL: Fort Defenders is where Epic Heroes fights in a war to defend the fort with top strategy from the forces of Evil Mice. The Allied Heroes struggled to survive, defend their life, treasure & supplies. Use a huge variety of powers and skills to vanquish wave after wave. With exquisite graphics and harmonic atmosphere, you can help our heroes on the battlefield!

Features :
  • 6 heroes with special abilities
  • Meet various enemies
  • 2 unique map themes with 20 challenging stage levels
  • Upgradable weapons
  • Attractive gameplay
  • Colorful and cute graphics
  • Entertaining music and SFX

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