Genre : Casual, Visual Novel

Developer : Vifth Floor

Publisher : Sekai Project

Download :  Steam (Rp 89.000)

Release Date : 1 Nov 2017

About : 
VOID is a visual novel themed around espionage and revenge. You play as Arthur Woods, a man seeking revenge from the death of his loved one, forging himself into a deadly assassin. Along the way, you will meet people who may (or may not) be your allies, as you try to untangle the web of lies and intrique surrounding your girlfriend's death.

  • Julie Ross, the vigilante with anger issues. Proficient in several forms of martial arts, she is a deadly adversary in hand to hand combat. Her past shaped who she is today, and she joined forces with Ciel and Arthur to achieve a goal of her own.
  • Ciel Blanchette, the upstart rookie trying to prove her worth to her mentor. Highly intelligent and cunning, she will lead Julie and Arthur in their mission to find the leader of The Syndicate.
  • Arthur Woods, a man so consumed with anger he plunged himself into the dark world of assasination. Trained by an ex-SAS, he sharpened himself into a deadly killer in just two years by his sheer will.

Features :
  • 10+ hours of adrenaline-pumping story
  • Explore the city of King's Port as you progress through the story
  • Multiple endings based on your choices
  • BGM composed by Vesuvia [Ecky]

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