What Are You Stupid


Genre : Casual

Developer : Beat-fu Studio

Download : IOS (Removed)Steam (Rp 39.999)

Release Date : 16 Apr 2018

About : 
‘What Are You Stupid’ is an unconventional quiz game that will pit players against people closest to him; his family and friends. Travel from house to house and throw-down a challenge to whatever household member resides within. Earn their respect by proving yourself to be an ample ‘quiz warrior’.

Unlike other quiz games, ‘What Are You Stupid’ presents players with a casual attitude to questions. Language that can be found in a common conversation, as opposed to a game show on TV. Each category in this game is designed to be in sync with character personalities.

Imagine getting bombarded with question after question by a Movie Director wannabe, or perhaps try to withstand a snotty elementary brat with all her schooling flooding out. ‘What Are You Stupid’ will keep you entertained with each character’s hilariously absurd personality.

Features :
  • Fast-paced trivia battle
  • 100% hand-drawn art with pencil and paper
  • 15 hilarious characters each with a unique personality
  • 15 categories to test the breadth of your knowledge
  • 15 wacky rewards to collect after each match victory
  • Over 4000 Questions and growing

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