Fantasy Story : 2048


Genre : Adventure, Puzzle

Developer : Niji Games

Rating : Apple 12+ | ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android | IOS

Release Date : 13 Mar 2018 (Android) | 24 Jun 2018 (IOS)

About : 
Fantasy Story is a 2048 puzzle game mixed with city-building elements to help you strengthen your heroes and accomplished as many level as you can. Discover many places, summon variety of heroes to join your cause, and destroy all obstacles to keep moving on!

Features :
  • Simple 2048 game system and easy to control.
  • Combo system to ease your day.
  • Build shops and decorate your own village!
  • Collect resources and farm the land to upgrade your shops!
  • Summon and strengthen your heroes to unlocked variety skills
  • 200+ levels to play.
  • Great visuals and graphics.

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