EURGAVA: Tomb of Senza


Genre : Action, Adventure, RPG

Download :  Steam (Rp 69.999)

Release Date : 5 Apr 2019

About : 
Decades after all the events in EURGAVA™ - Fight for Haaria, everyone in Shartemen face a much bigger problem than raiders or goliaads: A lethal miasma is spreading throughout all realms. Death by dormant magic. It has no cure. People fall ill to it, and eventually die within a year. You know there will be no hope for you if you give in to the sickness. And so you came to the Tomb of Senza, in the mountainous lands of Dokia, to find out how to end the miasma...

Know that you are not the only one involved in this struggle. The Naga Cult is onto you. The Pilgrims cannot help you yet. And the locals are too scattered and wary to stand their ground against all the monstrosities in Dokia. Will you survive?

Features :
  • Pay attention to the day count!
  • Many weapons to collect and master, each possessing two types of attack style. Have fun!
  • Many types of magic charge that can get stronger as you grow with experience.
  • Dodge or jump away from enemy attacks!
  • Benefits from equippable trinkets and usables.
  • Autosave your progress every time you stop at the resting point. Don't worry!
  • Talk! You cannot help the locals if you do not know what they need.
  • Decisions, decisions... Can't make everyone happy, after all...
  • Use your map well. Don't get lost!

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