The Grandmaster


Genre : Action, Casual

Developer : Beat-fu Studio

Download : Android (Removde)IOS (Removed)Steam

Release Date : 14 May 2019

About : 
Martial arts can be used for good and bad, whether it’s siding for justice or getting a free meal without having to pay for it. The Grand Master of course, follows that latter, and while he isn’t that old or wise, he never pays for his food, even when he eats at the "not so friendly" ninja cafe.

In this game, you must best the ninjas who want you to pay for your bill. You know, like a normal person. But you’re a Grand Master, and you don’t follow those rules. One button is all it takes to beat these pesky ninjas, and the goal is to do this every single day.

This is another humble Beat-Fu game which has a lot of playability, and loads of fun. Follow the journey of the Grand Master, and experience the silly, frustrating and action-packed adventures all in a simple button-tapping game.

Features :
  • Unique hand-drawn art
  • 100 Stages to play and beat
  • Infinite Mode and a leaderboard for ranking once you beat it
  • 6 Ridiculous Challenge Modes to unlock Steam Achievements

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