Pandaclip: The Black Thief


Genre : Action, RPG, Shooter

Developer : Hi-Clay Studio

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 7+

Download : Android

Release Date : 15 Jun 2019

About : 
Chiwa and friends want to go camping, but suddenly a problem occurs and they have to fight the invasion of black bears who steal their food. Let's help Chiwa and friends in their quest to defeat them and prevent the bad black bear from stealing food again!

Features :
  • Shoot your way through hordes of black bears
  • Collect loot and upgrade your equipment to get ready for the boss battle
  • Choose between many playable characters with different playstyles
  • Visual Novel style dialogue with character expressions
  • Beautiful CG Illustrations you can find throughout the story
  • Funny dialogues that will make you smile throughout the game
  • Great arts and beautiful anime girls waiting for you to play
  • In this anime game you can choose the best one from many costumes for your girl
  • Many cute accesories to choose from
  • Don't have internet? You can still play this anime game offline

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