Citampi Fight


Genre : Action

Download : Android (Removed)

Release Date : 27 Oct 2019

About : 
Night watch in Citampi is full of surprises and trouble! Enemies are attacking our heroes from everywhere! Ready your reflex and deliver precise fist punches, kicks, and deadly kungfu combos against enemies hiding under the shroud of darkness in this anime pixel art fighting game.

Features :
  • Action Fighting game that requires supreme precision and quick fingers/thumb
  • Simple and Easy to play, hard to master
  • Best Fun Offline game
  • Fast-paced adrenaline-filled hair-trigger kung-fu action
  • Anime/manga and pixel art art-style
  • Fight absurd and random trouble making enemies in darkness and the shadows
  • Colorful heroes: Windy the sporty girl, Tio the Nightguard and Gramps Sen the Legendary Grand dad with a walking stick.
  • Die, awaken, upgrade and fig your way again
  • Weird enemies, including assassin, tree-man, bush-hiding burglars, ninja, thiefs, robbers, skeleton, ghosts, and more…
  • Collect bounty, unlock more characters, upgrades, levels, enemies.
  • Fight 1v1 with angry boss characters and summon the powerful “citampility” combo cutscenes
  • Colorful impact effects: Blazing fires, high voltage electricity, comic book effects, giant weapons, and more
  • Be precise, be the ultimate warrior! Survive Citampi Fight!

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