Hell's Pharma


Genre Casual, Puzzle, Simulation

Developer : Rainman Studios

Rating : ESRB-T | IARC 12+

Release Date : 30 Dec 2019

About : 
Welcome to Hell's Pharma!

As the Intern, it's your job to cure sick demons. Their lives lies in your hand!
Mix the correct ingredients according to their prescription.
But, you can't always say yes to everyone

Why? You may ask

Because not all demons are good demons!
Some of them abuse the drugs to their liking, which is illegal to the law!
So you must carefully read the prescription to make sure that everything is correct!

You have 3 weeks to prove me your skill!

After that, I'll decide what your score is to your university.
So you can graduate from the school, well even though I kinda doubt you will.
Because most of the interns would fail in the first or second week they're here.

Don't disappoint me intern! And goodluck!

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