Masaru Block Puzzle


Genre : Puzzle

Developer : Own Games

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 28 Jan 2020

About : 
🐵 Meet Masaru! 🐵
The cute red monkey in a blue jumpsuit that will accompany you in playing this relaxing block puzzle!

Masaru Block Puzzle is a significantly improved version of block puzzle game, created by paying attention to the smallest details and crafted carefully to help you train and exercise your brain anytime and anywhere without any wifi or internet needed!

If you love block puzzle type of game, you'll love Masaru Block Puzzle even more!

🍌 Masaru Block Puzzle | The 2020 version of Block Puzzle Game!
The game is designed to never give you an impossible move, making it the true and fair experience of puzzle game! You'll never lose if you plan all your steps carefully! Masaru Block Puzzle is the true definition of easy to play, but hard to master!

🍌 Level UP and Multiply your score!
Level up by clearing horizontal or vertical line of blocks! Each time you level up, you'll get your score multiplied! Can your score reach 999,999?

🍌 Collect Bananas and Power Ups!
Masaru Love Bananas! Collect the bananas while solving the puzzle, to exchange it with power ups for free! Use the power ups to rotate, destroy, or even add blocks to your puzzle, making you progress even further!

🍌 Various Game Play Modes!
Choose your stage! From the jungle stage that offers you the simple and classic but addictive gameplay, to the starry sky with full explosions! Or even visit the big tree and meet the colorful birds that live in the big tree! Your block puzzle adventure starts here!

🍌 Play and continue playing anytime, anywhere!
Masaru Block Puzzle can be played on a short session! Waiting for a friend? Got a couple minutes? Train and exercise your brain in this relaxing puzzle game! Need to continue your stuff? Don't worry, just close the game, and continue playing from your last progress anytime anywhere!

🍌 Offline and Forever Free Block Puzzle Game!
Masaru don't need any kind of internet connection to be played! No need to turn on wifi, or mobile data at all! Masaru Block Puzzle game can be played for free without spending any money at all.

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