Genre : Casual, Simulation, Visual Novel

Rating : ESRB-M | IARC 18+

Release Date : 7 Jul 2020

About : 
The Heart Breachers is an organization committed to keep humankind safe from the harmful manifestations of their own emotions. Contained within every burst of feelings is an Ignite, the purest form of energy. Negative feelings bear Lingerings, and positive feelings produce Astrays. Astrays are typically tame, but Lingerings could wreak havoc in the real life while driving its host to madness. However these projected forms pale in comparison to the Ignites. Often unruly and violent, killing an Ignite means killing its host’s ability to feel emotions permanently.

It is your job to tame the beasts within human hearts. Will you succeed and discover yourself among the way or will you fail and lose yourself?

Features :
  • Experience the story with both female and male protagonists, each with their own story to unfold
  • Enjoy 100+ comic panel style CGs, some saucier than others
  • Over 100 K words
  • Uncover 13 Endings
  • 20+ pixel-styled backgrounds
  • Solve some puzzles, play a few mini-games and test your reflexes with some QTEs

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