Tales of Phi


Genre : RPG

Developer : Seraph Game Studio

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 10 Nov 2020

About : 
Begin the Story on Math Land!

A world where people use Math Guardian Monster for battle by answering math questions. Only smart people can control a strong Guardian!

The Story takes place 10 year after The Great Math Battle, where 5 Legendary Dragons defeat Nemesis, the most powerful and uncontrollable dark Guardian that is summoned by a mysterious dark organization.

Play as Phi, a student from Math Academy that appears as "E" Class Student, lowest Grade student, chosen by one most powerful "Legendary Binary Emperon".

Seek out the truth of the mystery behind the tragedy of the Great Math Battle 10 years ago and prevent the revival of Nemesis. During the adventure, you can raise Phi Grade by taking an academy exam, and then prove to be worthy as Guardian Master of Legendary Dragon!

Features :
  • Lovely Design, simple yet fun Art style!
  • Collect More than 150 Math Guardian monsters that spread across Math Land.
  • Each area has a unique and rare Math Monster Guardian.
  • Each Guardian has their grade, strong and weakness type (plus, minus, multiply, divide) that affect the battle.
  • Use guardian skill in battle. Each guardian has their unique skill.
  • Fuse them to get abilities that help you in battle!
  • Take part in the Grade Exam Test on Academy to raise your grade.
  • Challenge the Legendary Guardian and gain their Power in battle.
  • Enjoy the Chapter 1, Legendary Binary Awakening!

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