Space Inc


Genre : Simulation

Developer : Alegrium

Publisher : Lion Studios

Rating : Apple 12+ | ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android | IOS

Release Date : 18 Jan 2021 (Android) | 14 Oct 2019 (IOS)

About : 
Welcome to the future! Now, everyone can visit any places in outer space. Grab this opportunity by opening your very own spaceport and send those passengers to travel beyond galaxies. Start with a brand-new spaceport and expand it further along the way. Every star is on the radar if you dare to dream of them.

Features :
  • Manage the passengers' traffic, as well as the rockets departures.
  • Operate multiple check-in gates leading to various planets, manage the passengers' queues.
  • Dispatch a rail transit taking the passengers to the rockets.
  • Manage and launch the rockets.
  • Earn money every time the passengers are boarding.
  • Spend your money to upgrade the gates, rail transit, and rockets to ensure faster services.
  • The faster passengers are boarding, the faster money flows into your pocket!
  • When you have enough money, open new spaceports around the globe, that's how to be a successful spaceport tycoon!
  • Assign managers to automate services.
  • Benefit from your managers' skills to earn more money.
  • Train them to catch up with the technology and make better of their ability.

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