Genre : Adventure, Horror, Survival

Developer : ZheroIsland

Download : Steam (Rp 75.000)

Release Date : 24 Mar 2021

About : 
LIRE focuses on Eve Antoinette, after her family moved to another country 10 years ago. She came back to visit her favorite childhood spot along with her cat Sebastian. Unfortunately, her cat ran away deep into the forest and disappeared. Eve decided to follow and saw Sebastian jump through the window of an abandoned mansion that she had never known ever existed in this forest. She realized that while the mansion is very mysterious and scary, she still needed to find Sebastian and get out of this place which contains a dark force trapped inside.

Do you believe in ghost? What do you know about them? Types of ghosts :
  • Interactive Personality : Can talk, prefers to stay in one place, not dangerous.
  • Poltergeist : Physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.
  • Shocking ghost : Will appear if you trigger something, sometimes can be avoided, not too dangerous.
  • Bound ghost : Can't move, if you hit it you will get damage, not too dangerous. Some specific bound ghosts can't deal damage but they can block your path.
  • Wandering ghost : Can talk, wanders in specific areas, has a chasing limit area, dangerous.
  • Berserk Ghost : Will appear if you trigger something, can't be avoided, chases you, extremely dangerous.
Survival Tips
  • Watch your back!!
  • Shout command can be useful if you use it in the right place
  • Hide before wandering ghost sees you
  • Master your run to avoid wandering ghost's attack
  • Health and Stamina Potions can increase your survivability

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