There Can Only Be Two


Genre Adventure

Developer : Nicdev

Rating : ESRB-T | IARC 7+

Download : AndroidPC (

Release Date : 7 Apr 2021

About : 
There Can Only Be Two is a 2D adventure game with exploration, parkours, and interesting enemies and combats. Find your way through countless enemies and obstacles, also discover every NPC's stories!

The current state of the game is beta. This means, it isn't finished and not what the full version will be. Also, the current story in this beta version isn't link to the full version at all. It is just a story only for the beta. If you want to know the real story, it will be available in the demo (not complete story), and full version (complete story)

You can help supporting this game by download, rate, share to other people, and give feedback for the game here. You can also support me on my karyakarsa and get every game version and new games early. Due keep in mind it is Indonesian language.

  • Available 2 Languages: Indonesian and English
  • Can be played with an Xbox Gamepad
  • There's a settings adjustments for graphics, languages, etc

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