Babol the Walking Box

Genre Action, Adventure, Platformer

Developer : Gamecom Team

Download : Steam (Rp 52.999)

Release Date : 26 Jun 2021

About : 
Begin your adventure with your new friends! Babol the Walking Box
Yes, it's game about Box that can walk, nope, just kidding hahaha UwU
Explore the amazing world of box, from the wilderness, desert, to super duper cold snowy mountains!

Babol journey was not only about running and attack the enemy in front of him,
Meet other box and uncover the mystery that is happening in the Box World!

Features :
  • Adventure on the challenging world of box!
  • Save babol from the beasts who wants to eat him!
  • Also defeat the enemies that get in your way throughout your adventure!
  • And most importantly have fun! UwU

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