Linecon: Path of Hope


Genre : Puzzle

Developer : Niji Games

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Release Date : 29 Jun 2021

About : 
Oh no! The princess have been captured and cursed... Play as the heroes of the flower-folks and solve line puzzle to save the princess.

"Linecon: Path of Hope - Line Draw Puzzle" Is a unique and original 2D line drawing puzzle game. set in a dark floral fantasy world. Draw a line to make a path for the heroes to travel and safe their captured princess, while avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way.

But with unique time travel twist that will make you think twice on how to draw your line

Features :
  • Unique dark floral fantasy theme
  • Simple controls just draw a line to play
  • Unique time travel twist
  • Unique heroes with special power
  • Various obstacles and enemies to avoid
  • Various skins to unlock and collect

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