The Demon King : Slime Curse


Genre : Puzzle

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 12+

Download : Android

Release Date : 20 Jun 2021

About : 
Oh no! Our Demon King accidental cursed and turned into a Slime Monster.
The Slime is being teleported to a random dungeon and now become the weakest monster here.
Help The Demon King to escape and return to his original form!

The Demon King : Slime Curse is a unique puzzle game with original movement mechanic.
Swipe to move your slime, avoid obstacles and enemies! But beware as you move you will leave some slime behind until you cannot move again.
Plan your moves carefully and escape the dungeon...

Features :
  • Original movement mechanic create interesting puzzle
  • 100 Stage Puzzle! to complete
  • Various dangerous obstacle
  • Various Enemy and hero to avoid
  • Unique, light and comedic Story
  • NO ADS! NO IAP! Premium puzzle experience
  • Cute Slime

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