Bos Cupang


Genre : Casual, Simulation

Developer : Gameflood

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 3 Sep 2021

About : 
Do you have what it takes to manage a business? Prove it! Start your own business as a betta fish store owner and be the richest boss in the country!💰💰💰

You will play as Budi, an ex-employee who lost his job due to the pandemic.😭 To support his life, Budi decides to act and start a betta fish store!

Features :
  • BETTA FISH STORE: Work hard to sell your betta fish! Click the screen as fast as you can!
  • LEADERBOARD: Be the richest boss in every season!
  • COMMODITY TRADING: Buy low, sell high! Be the richest boss by making smart trading decisions!
  • MARKETING: Manage your business well, invest back your income to grow your business!
  • UPGRADE: Beautify your store, show that you are the most successful person in this business!

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