Dillo Ocean Strike


Genre : Casual

Developer : RedRain Studio

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 23 Sep 2021

About : 
Bored with your daily activities? 
Wanna a try a new activity but you hate being tired and sweaty 

Try one tap fishing with a playful creature in Dillo Ocean Strike
With a simple and unique fishing gameplay you can make a typical low-key fishing feels way more exciting

We introduce you to a whole new fishing game 
With just 1 simple tap, you can help Dillo catch all the fish in the sea 
+ in fever mode, you can make Dillo more fired up to conquer the sea 

Don't forget to visit our shop filled with a wide variety of fishing rods and boats because, psst, they have some magical power 
to make all the fish automatically come by themselves 

And also, keep an eye on the leaderboard 
Only those who have a burning spirit can leave their name proudly 
Easy come, easy board, just like the rank in the leaderboard 

Dillo Ocean Strike is a mobile fishing game offering a simple yet unique fishing experience for those who rely on their gaming intuition & feel
try it once and you can be hooked. 
Download now for free & catch 'em all..!

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