Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator


Genre : Adventure, Mystery

Developer : Dark Science Labs

Download : PC (

Release Date : 16 Oct 2021

About : 
Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator is a 2.5D first-person adventure mystery game where you play as an investigator who solves cases by taking pictures of cryptids, urban legends, & mythological creatures as well as befriending them in an open-world environment.

A discovery-focused light-action narrative game with an emphasis on taking pictures & reading character dialogues as well as research entries to solve cases. The game is structured in short 6 minutes of gameplay in every investigation shift where players accumulate incremental research progress throughout investigations.

  • Solve curious & intriguing cases from simple everyday tasks to mysterious complex tasks by presenting pictures to clients & taming anomalies!
  • Take pictures with The Beholder, a special camera that can see anomalies which might be invisible to the human eye!
  • Discover 22 anomalies that are based on cryptids, folklore, & mythological creatures around the world and tame 11 anomalies by understanding them in a conversation!
  • Explore East Borough, a colorful neighborhood in New Noir at 4 different times of the day which includes dawn, day, dusk, or night!
  • Gather clues by interacting with fun characters to solve cases from interesting lab members to locals in East Borough!
  • Acquire Beholder upgrades, such as camera storage extensions, new filters, & accessories to help you solve cases in your investigations!

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