The Sun Shines Over Us


Genre : Simulation, Visual Novel

Rating : ESRB-T | IARC 12+

Download : Android | IOS

Release Date : 3 Oct 2021 (Android) | 4 Apr 2022 (IOS)

About : 
A heartfelt emotional story revolving around teenage mental health and relationship problems! “The Sun Shines Over Us” is a touching empathetic narrative game with choices and multiple endings in an Indonesian high school.

You play as Mentari, a victim of bullying who just transferred school and trying to recover from her past trauma. In the game, you will help her making choices through school life and experience life-changing events that will affect her future.

In school, there are many unique students, each with their own different characters and neuroses. There are three main characters which each different platonic routes depend on your choices throughout the story.

Playing as Mentari, you will be facing different characters with different understanding of mental health and is not the only one with mental health challenges. Through the game, you will discover other character’s problems and you can also help each other through perilous times!

You can replay the game and discover new scenes you previously missed - what you missed at the first time, you might find the second time! Choosing different options might open different scene and unlock deeper conversations with different characters.

As the game isn’t about twitch skill, it explores stories based on learning and empathy. People who enjoy emotional stories with unique characters would enjoy The Sun Shines Over Us.

Features :
  • Story with 15 chapters, spanning over 100.000 word count
  • 6 different endings
  • 15 animated characters with 2 fashion styles
  • Over 25 beautifully rendered backgrounds
  • Memorable BGM
  • 31 beautiful CG to collect across the game

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