The Three Musketeers


Genre : Action, Adventure, Puzzle

Developer : Dragon Emperors

Download : (Demo) | Steam (Demo)

Release Date : 15 Oct 2021

About : 
A girl was summoned by a certain kingdom from a magical place to help the kingdom with a daunting task. But the summoner accidentally summoned three versions of the girl from different timelines to one body! Would they be able to finish the task?

Help these girls to finish the task by journeying through the labyrinth. Use different forms to see different perspectives and to tackle various challenges. What lies beyond the labyrinth?

Features :
  • 3 Forms to see the world differently
  • Each form has its unique abilities to tackle different challenges
  • First challenges will be simple, but the latter one will need the player to utilize all of the different forms
  • Stages that integrates all the mechanics available in the game
  • A full story of what happened in Labyrinthia
  • Bonus/Hidden stages scattered around the levels

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