Dillo Champion Road


Genre : Action

Developer : RedRain Studio

Rating : ESRB-E | IARC 3+

Download : Android

Release Date : 1 Nov 2021

About : 
Are you currently angry about something?
Wanna punch something but you don't want to hurt your hand

Try punching with your thumbs instead in Dillo Champion Road
A new simple way to channel your anger without a worry for your surroundings

Although this workout seems like a typical one
We can guarantee you to have a legendary warrior training 
Maybe it's a lil bit excessive, but you can try it for yourself 

Don't forget to visit our store filled with a lot of buff potion & costumes
They're not a typical costume, but a costumes filled with something that can change your gameplay 

And also, keep an eye on the leaderboard 
Only those who have a burning spirit can leave their name proudly
Easy come, easy board, just like the rank in the leaderboard 

Download now for free & feel the power!!

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