Genre : Casual, RPG, Strategy, Visual Novel

Download : Steam (Rp 17.499)

Release Date : 5 Nov 2021

About : 
Can't feel a thing, can't see a thing. Can't help but wonder "What exactly is going on?". Confused, you heard a voice calling out to you telling you more about your current situation while proclaiming to be a "God" telling you that you are dead. Offering a chance to live once again, you took it while thinking "Is this going to go well?".

Unveiled is a visual novel game with a unique twist of having a turn based strategy added in it. The story is taken from the super popular Isekai genre from Japan, about a boy who died and reincarnated in a fantasy world.

Features :
  • Story like no other : A handwritten story made of more than 10000+ words! Explore more about what will happen after being reincarnated!
  • Choices : Choose what you want to reply, who doesn't love making good decisions?.. Or bad, or even worse a stupid one?
  • Turn based combat : Battle monsters and demons roaming the wild alone, or with a group! In a fully turn based combat.
  • Buffs and debuffs : Think one step ahead, and prepare the correct buffs to withstand an enemy attack, or deal a huge amount of damage and take down your enemies!
  • Bestiary : Find out more info about what you meet and fight, down to the finest details in your bestiary!

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