Mala Petaka


Genre : FPS

Developer : Sanditio Jitok

Download : PC (

Release Date : 7 Jan 2022

About : 
Mala Petaka is a retro 2D Arcade Shooter inspired Sci-fi FPS powered by GZDoom engine. The gameplay is as simple as kill enemies you encounter, pick items, find keys to unlock doors and find the exit door. It's just like Classic Doom, but with more advanced weapons, alien & drone enemies, chiptune BGM & cartoony NES-like colourful environment.

You play as 'Petaka', a guy that feels so angry & all he thinks is just kill every ugly green alien & annoying drones he encounters and he doesn't know why since he lost his memories. In this game, your job is to control him to destroy every threat you encounters and keep moving forward to restore your memories.

Features :
  • Various weapons available: fists, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher, plasma rifle and more in the full version
  • Some weapons had alternate fire
  • Various enemy types
  • Various powerups like Invulnerable, Rampage, Time Freeze, etc.
  • Colourful NES-like cartoony graphics
  • 8bit / Chiptune BGM & SFX
  • The full version will include 4 Chapters, each chapter had 5 missions and different themes
  • 6 difficulty modes for player to choose: Mahadewa (God Mode), Easy, Medium, Hard & Malapetaka (Instakill Mode)

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