Great Marble Adventure


Genre : Action, Casual, Platformer, Puzzle

Developer NaCl586

Download : PC(Steam)

Release Date : 11 Feb 2022

About : 
Great Marble Adventure is a third-person 3D platformer, where you roll the marble across the obstacles and various challenges to collect all gems and finish as quickly as possible to get the best time. You can beat your own personal best, try to beat the level without falling off the stage, or even both! With easy and responsive physics, alongside the atmosphere from the level visuals and soundtracks, this game will surely bring fun and unforgettable for players across different skill levels.

Levels and Difficulties
Challenge yourself in more than 40 levels across 4 chapters with different themes: Retro, Nature, Medieval, or even Oriental.

You can challenge each of them in the difficulty that suits your skills: Easy levels are great for beginners who are starting out in this game, Normal levels are excellent for players enjoying 3D platformer games, and Hard is perfect for someone looking for a challenge!

Can you conquer all levels across all difficulties? Another challenge awaits those who have conquered all of them! The fun is endless!

Learn the Tricks!
Not only just rolling, but the marble can also jump. But wait! with various tricks, the marble can do more than just rolling and jumping! You can hit the wall while jumping to gain height, called Wall-Hitting, or you can move way faster by moving diagonally, called Diagonal Movement, or even you can jump at a slope to gain more height that cannot be reached by jumping! How about combining all of them? Sure the marble can! Use all of the tricks to pass the challenges! The tips menu will also teach you how to perform the tricks, so you can learn them easily.

Powerups and Surfaces
Unique powerups can help the marble to cross various challenges: Super Jump gives an immediate height boost, and Super Speed gives an immediate speed boost. How about combining them with the various surfaces, like bouncy floors? How about combining them with the tricks, like Super Jump and Wall-Hitting? You can go wild and creative to pass every challenge from every level! But be careful, some surfaces can be a hindrance to you, like ice that is very slippery! There are also traps and hazards along the way, but who knows if you can make those to your advantage?

Memorable Soundtracks
With amazing soundtracks by sonata1219, this game is even going to be unforgettable, giving you a unique experience in your adventure across all thematic levels to beat every challenge!

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