Misguided Never Back Home


Genre : Action, Horror

Developer : Jevo Games

Rating : ESRB-M | IARC 18+

Release Date : 25 Feb 2022

About : 
Misguided: Never back home itself tells the story of a high school girl named Silvia who is trapped in another world or a mystical world, without knowing she is in that world Silvia is trying to find her best friend who is also trapped there and they are trying to find out the truth and what is going on and they will be haunted by mystical creatures , and this game will have several endings depending on the behavior of the player or the choices that the player will choose, the game will showing with the theme of Indonesia and contains an Asian atmosphere.

Finding out the truth in the darkness that is ruled by a very greedy creature, and you have to destroy those creatures without mercy, will all of that truth be revealed?

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