Pestle: Volume 1


Genre : Adventure

Developer : Nicdev

Rating : ESRB-M | IARC 16+

Download : Android | PC (

Release Date : 27 Feb 2022

About : 
When their car broke down in the middle of nowhere, they saw a house. A house that will be the new HELL for them.

Explore an unknown house filled with mysteries, gores, and maniacs! And uncover the dark secrets that this house had in this first installment of the pestle series...

A unique 2D horror game with aspects inspired by famous horror titles such as "Granny", "Mr. Hopp's Playhouse", "Stay Out of The House", and many more!

  • A perspective where you can explore, chased, and play in 2D sideview
  • Although it's 2D, it has an old and retro style like graphics
  • Full of juicy lore and mysteries!
  • Have 2 killers in the game
  • First playtime around 30+ minutes of gameplay
  • 2 Languages are available: English, and Indonesia

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