Gidget & The Mysterious Thievery of Hoppity Town


Genre : Visual Novel

Developer : Fable Novel

Release Date : 19 Apr 2022

About : 
Hello, traveller, welcome to Hoppity Town!

A town where frogs and other animals have evolved to be as intelligent as humans. Unfortunately, developing human-like intelligence also means they have adopted their tendency to get into trouble... 

But, fear not, traveller! For when things get tricky and bewildering, Detective Gidget's there to help the predicament! 

In fact... she's in one right now! A mysterious thief has appeared in Hoppity Town and started robbing their citizens! Even the frog police force have their hands full! But even with these thieveries, Gidget feels like there's something more to this puzzle. 

Will Gidget be able to solve the case?

Feature :
  • Frogs 🐸 
  • A crested gecko
  • Around 11k+ words
  • 3 Endings (True, Normal & Bad)
  • Point & Click investigations
  • Important choices
  • Original sprites & backgrounds
  • Around 10 CGs 
  • References here and there

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