Fragmented Memories : Arc One


Genre : Adventure, Horror, RPG

Publisher : YSY Softworks

Download : Steam (Rp 25.000)

Release Date : 10 May 2022

About : 
James Charouz, a mine worker decided to return to his hometown, Mayoni Village. He found out that his wife is missing and tried to find her. Strangely, nobody knows about his wife. James suspected that the villagers sacrificed his wife in an occult ritual. He was assisted by a senior detective named Pieter Van Amersfoort in order to find her.

During his search for his wife, James also finds himself trapped in an unknown world. James began to find mysterious things that made him question everything: his memories, his friends, even his sanity.

Features :
  • 8 Tracks of Original Music from YSY FIRTSOUND, Explore the unknown world and investigate the village with our beautifully composed original music.
  • 1080p Full HD Graphics, Enjoy High Resolution 1080p Resolution Graphics, Sharp CG Images, Sharp Text and Beautiful Pixel Art.
  • Hand-painted Digital Art CG from Veteran Indonesian Comic Artist Gear.Azre
  • Interactive Icons that tell the player which object can be interacted with and which one is not.

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