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A slice-of-life adventure game with beautiful pixelart set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers
Afterlove EP | Pixelnesia | 2022
From the creator of Coffee Talk comes a slice-of-life adventure about love, loss and music. Explore modern Jakarta as Rama in his journey to learn about himself, create music, find love and come to terms with the loss of his girlfriend Cinta, whose voice still lives on in his head.

A single-player puzzle exploration game sets in a desolated land in the mysterious world. Switch between a boy and a canine to explore this obscure island, and discover its mystical hidden artifacts. Solve the puzzle and escape the mysterious world!

Battle monsters, solve puzzles, and reawaken the lost Guardians in a fantasy action RPG inspired by beloved classics. Rescue the souls of missing townspeople in a mysterious dungeon and restore the fallen civilization of Anuchard while wielding the mythical Audros Bell.

Action- Adventure Puzzle use the Magic Mechanic such a : Telekinesis Power, Agni and Toya Elements, and Portal Puzzle, and many more.

Dust off your coffee machine and prepare your warmest smile to meet your customers again in the second episode of the much loved coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator; Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly.

A re-imagined farm sim game inspired by classics. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders. Decide whether to revitalize not only the town but also the surrounding coral reefs. It may get tough, but stick with it, because the island is ripe for change.

Join Kimo and Wispy on their adventure in search of the missing shattered light, Lucentia. Fight or control enemies and turn them into your advantage. Explore hidden/secret areas, solve puzzles, and gain new abilities, all in the vast and beautiful world of Lumina.

Immerse yourself in the Psychological horror adventure of James Charouz on his way to find his missing wife and uncover the dark secret of his hometown.

A narrative adventure game about the afterlife, where you journey with a dog, do nice things to others, and enjoy comfort food. Embark on a wholesome journey with Iiko through the afterlife and help other souls along the way. Uncover the mystery of the journey and prepare for whatever awaits.

The cute fantasy visual novel, "How to Fool a Liar King" returns as a remastered version. Regina, a girl who loves cats, a bit forgetful but confident in her strength, suddenly appears inside a forest in Eroolia. Juli immediately finds her, but how did she get here?

The cute fantasy visual novel, "How to Sing to Open Your Heart" returns as a remastered version. Princess Myana, who loves to sing, finally comes to Eroolia. A lot of people, like the Imperial Guard Captain, Ludovic, and Princess Anna, are unhappy about it. What will happen?

The cute fantasy visual novel, "How to Take Off Your Mask" returns as a remastered version. One day, Lilia wakes up as a girl with cat ears and a tail! How could this happen, and how will her love story with her childhood friend, Ronan, unfold?

KISS is a love letter to the exciting world of K-pop! In this Life Simulator,you're the mighty manager who scouts for talent, manages their schedule, makes their budget, plans their social media, picks their music & their fashion! Debut the next hit K-pop idol group!

As the legendary Knight, you must engage in combat against mysterious titanic giants that have roamed and terrorized the Kingdom.

My Lovely Wife delves into the depths of a man’s grief after the sudden death of his beloved wife. Explore the notions of one’s willingness to do anything for love and the importance of letting go in this mix of dating, management, and alchemy simulators.

Parakacuk tells the story of friendship, chaos, romance, and strife between school gangs. Defeat the enemy gangs, Seize their territory, And become the ruler of the School in the Strongest High School here.

Moonbury's residents need healing, and you're the best chemist around! With your trusty tools, a brewing cauldron, and a canine companion at your side, you'll need to diagnose symptoms, gather ingredients, brew potions, and cure ailments in this open-ended sim RPG.

Project Buramato | Ozysoft | 2022-2023
PROJECT BURAMATO is a 3D Action-shooter platformer video game in high fantasy settings of traditional Bornean folktales.

Play together to escape from the nerve-wracking terror or become the terror instead in a 2v6 asymmetrical online multiplayer game.

Rendezvous | Pendopo Studio | Coming Soon
Rendezvous is a 2.5D pixel art adventure game mainly set against the backdrop of the futuristic city of Neo-Surabaya, based on real-world locations in Indonesia.

Narrative driven RPG where you play as mecha mercenaries in alternate WW2 setting. Build your own mecha, recruit and lead a team of pilots with different characteristics and skills. Gain riches and determine how the war unfolds between 3 main factions.

Tirta | Agate | 2022
Tirta will have Indonesia cultures, to be more accurate Balinese culture. The game is about the journey of a priestess around Bali

Not all heroes are born, many are forged by the finest Hero School – yours. Take command of the faculty, nurture a unique and ever-growing roster of students, and earn your place among the most prestigious schools in the world of Valthiria.

A third-person mystery puzzle game where you play as Alvin, a 10-year-old indigo child with the power to see demons, communicate with spirits & trapped in a cursed village. With the only help from his little sister and his spider pet, he must escape from being chased by a hunter's demon.

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